04. 06. 2017


Ruth Lopes, Hidra

RESCCUE project was presented on the 2nd European Water Association (EWA) Spring Conference, chaired by Professor José Saldanha Matos from Hidra, on the 10th of May 2017, in Lisbon, Portugal, on a panel concerning “Sanitation Systems and Solutions”. The 2nd EWA Spring Conference was organized by EWA, APESB and IST, and focused on “Sanitation Approaches and Solutions and the Sustainable Development Goals”. The status of the implementation of Hazur® in Lisbon, particularly the interdependences between the wastewater sector and other urban services, was briefly explained and Hazur® was referred as a methodology and tool that will help assess and increase city resilience, aiding decision-makers on monitoring, assessing and managing climate change risks. The presentation of the paper was carried out by Ruth Lopes, from Hidra, one of the authors of the submitted article “Urban drainage and resilience approaches towards more sustainable cities”, which was enriched by the contributions of Opticits, LNEC and Câmara Municipal de Lisboa.

Furthermore, Professor José Matos gave a slight overview about RESCCUE, as a key-note on the water sector in the city of the future on the 9st International Meeting of the Waters on the 17th May, held at PUC (Pernambuco), Recife, Brazil, under the theme “Clean Urban Rivers: Opportunities and Challenges”.

Hidra, Hidráulica e Ambiente, Lda (Hydraulics and Environment, Ldt.) is a private capital society, with“know-how” on water supply, drainage and sanitation, with more than 25 years of experience on consultancy services for the central and regional administration, private operators and non-profit organizations, in Portugal, Africa, and South America.

The company developed its own “know-how” and has been pioneer, in Portugal, in the development and promotion of low cost sustainable wastewater treatment solutions, non-conventional drainage solutions and in the application of dynamic simulation models for assisting systems advanced management, being the leader of the recent revision of the Lisbon Drainage Master Plan. 

In RESCCUE, the main role of HIDRA is the implementation of the HAZUR® tool in Lisbon, supported by Optics and its national partners, contributing to the success of the project, for the benefit of the quality of life in the city.