05. 11. 2019

How do we get people in the room?

By John Stevens, Bristol City Council

How can we build city resilience if representatives of the critical city services that keep the city running aren’t in the room? What is the lure and how can we overcome the difficulties in getting the relevant parties engaged? It is understandable that people are extremely busy within their departments, their respective organisations and that their time is valuable. 

Preparing for extreme weather events is also something that will become more critical as we go into the future though according to climate change projections. Meaning there will need to be more of a focus on these preparations. So are legislative requirements or monetary incentives what is needed to pay for this crucial interaction and future climate adaptation plans? There are already Carbon taxes that exist for the biggest world polluters, so could global climate taxes be the answer to better fund and equip pivotal organisations to support such initiatives more? Money talks so why not buy the rainforests to prevent the deforestation! 

Since climate change is happening and it is a global issue then all of Earth’s inhabitants are accountable. We all have responsibility individually to be mindful of the way we live, eat, drink, travel, manage waste, utilise energy and vital resources that are contributing to the problem. The cumulative effects of the world population are all felt. Education and awareness are crucially important in the present day and adaptation critical for the future. It is a state of emergency requiring extreme action. Emissions need to be cut forcefully if necessary, but it is still too late, the effects will be felt. We need to do whatever we can to save destroying the planet and all need to adjust to how it is changing also.